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And if you close now then I will start to fondle you before my eyes open "in full force")) I fell asleep, l ubimij moj, and as much as I wanted you to tell me that we slept together... it was so amazingly sweet, as if I could prinimatsya in dreams your naked body and to feel your heat and smell... I can't be without you... you know what they say: "If you meet someone whom will pull stronger than to bed in the morning is your. Hold and don't let go..." And I run to you every morning, leaving the bed... and I think I only want you was there)) and I see that you're in a hurry to be with me, instead of bury my head into the blanket and sleep... of course, I brought a little of our adventure in Black Desert, but today there are smooth, in short, "just the animation")), just so you can see what quests there were, and we started to sew clothes cook)) So I want to talk to you more about Macbeth, if you certainly want and will stand... it was so much and with such force that he would not let me so far... I cannot finish to sort out in my head one moment, then another, and in each you surprised me again and again... facial Expressions, which I didn't expect in these text moments... They are different... I never could imagine reading alone with myself... I was only silence before these discoveries, as the girl let out and every step she's shown absolutely neobkhodimye things... She even seems to recognize them, but in the next second before it opens to something recognizable, something that never entered her head never... if I start to tell you every episode in which it happened, then it would take more time than is the film itself... do You remember how you go after the witches, and ask questions... it was good that I saw it... lucky for me... this gracefest child - but how... but why... what... but... if impassive face of fate, stronger face of death and near warmth and neposredstvennost strong Mature man, who at this point in their lives, like clear crepidodera in the wind a leaf torn from the book, which does not have a single old word, and he does not know what he should write it anew... and he expects support and assistance in order not to make mistakes... and Macbeth, sitting near the bed of the murdered king... was hard... I was shaking the tips Paltsev, and if you sat next to me and asked me something, hardly I would have told you something in response, because I just wanted to see it and all... so rare... and the world for me will never be the same, because he became more complete and cleaner after I saw Macbeth... this is important... I don't know how many particulars that they do, but it is already happening... want an example?)) I don't know how it will look, if not like, then you can cancel, it's already happened)) Macbeth just before I started watching Lizzie Borden, and thought, "above, right... you can while away a few hours at night..." yesterday turned on the second series and felt like... I hate how flat and small that you can watch almost without thinking about what you pour into yourself... She stabs a pitchfork, has a horseshoe hidden in the pouch fabric, and I sit and pipeway tea... Forgive me Csapodi... not because it's bad or sinful... but because it's just wrong... proven wrong emotion can distort a lot, and it doesn't need to expose myself... it is so good that you did... I snwaa appeal to you personally... not through time and space, as it was long ago but to you that just hugged me and loved... it was good that you did... how it should be, very well... I can't find the words... But I got so much more than ever dreamed of. what I like about my powerlessness over what I feel like... kissing you... I kiss you as my best man... Oh, Mikey... what did you do to me...



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