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L ubimij moj, I kiss you and give a little bit of all sorts of surprises that don't even know how to describe, because there are only ponimaju: the cold war, a map of treasure in the Desert Dlack and long pounding in a mortar to make corn flour for otter-fisherman)) of Course, all tried to enumerate in detail, although, in General nothing special and global do not happen)) and Dream Theater – Moment Of Betrayal... I don't even so much this particular song you listen to, because the vocal for me or too sweet or banal, in short, something in it is not enough for me to cling to, but the list on the right, might be worth a dig around in my spare time, I always find there something more interesting than the initial file)) just imagine that you sit with headphones and listen to it yourself, then, and in those minutes cool time to recover)) here such I have a very simple gelali-dreams)) got a little bit More series, but I saw that)) is)) that my hair moving from the ridiculous horror)) Because yesterday all I had time this is one series a season about the post office and the life of outleta villages Lycris)) don't know what touches me in it, can be so here is a possible dialogue:

- Once baked I ate beef!.. So if she is going to fall from the sky, I definitely not miss))

You know, maybe you're right))

I smile and think, damn, what a pity that it does not happen in life... so just go and not tell the other person that he is a fool, and that miracles do not happen)) We became angry and too smart to be kind and to love each other just like that... We always need something from others to get... well, at least like, at least follow and a lot of unnecessary things... a lot less than a pill of aspirin)) I kiss you and better will come very soon again, because now just do not have time... But does that mean I love you less, Zaiushen'ka... I love you with all my heart... I kiss you... schastlivo to you... your Lenka



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