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L ubimushka moj, I rushed to you)) I am very bored)) I want to hug you and jump up so that your hands were under my ass, and I could clasp the feet of your waist and cuddle up to you closer and closer... m-mmmm... smell you... I can't... he's circling my head... I melt when I taste it... and you know, what I want... to be far away from everything in your arms... and I don't care much for happiness or a little)) I just want you to love me right now)) I want to invite you to run with Geralt... just to really together-together... anytime when you have the time for you freely)), though in the evening... even at night)) if only you could enjoy it, but not embarrassed)) so everything else, only for this time))

I'm sorry things didn't work out so popular, how curious... I terribly liked both quest with the help dudes, but first we're definitely not too tough, but we'll be back when we have LVL thirties, because a few enemies on the twenty fifth lavlu it's definitely not enough... what do you think?.. let's mentally put next to this quest for the bird)) after all, Hattori is not that bad)) by the way, the Witcher is full of Easter eggs)) here even name one conic Chevy face)) this is a film you watched as a kid?.. I do... and that was my big love)) and the book I immediately got hold of myself, but for some reason she had not made any impression on me... I have a feeling that this is a drug dealer someone reminds me... as if saw something similar somewhere in the movie, but "life of me", can't remember... but if I "light up", I'll remind you)) I then ran out and posmorela it was worth it even to help him... turns out what if you choose not to protect him, it will give us all ten coins, you kill him, the drug trade will flourish still, and saberists all boring and dusty... So, the quest can definitely be marked as "did everything right")) no, though small, but sure it was great?)) was it interesting?)) I want you with me jumped out of the worries, like drank a Cup of what you love... tea or coffee and something else ate exactly what I wanted)) almost like a fairy tale)) I found out today that supports me very much in the form of lemon Kurd... I almost didn't eat for the day, but around two hundred and fifty grams of this beauty with tea swallowed and feel so good that I can actually make more than enough... if only not to write letters, not to talk on the phone and not texting... It's eating me... I don't like that badly... even when it comes to specific cases, I would soon begin to sorbirovtsa I don't know why... and this feeling of time just went nowhere... and I have antique Roman)) Start eloquently, worse is the story of the adventures of a young man)) worse – is its love story... And yet, in this folio are wonderful characters – the fountains of Arethusa Ahasuerus........

Here's what you can "rest")) what's bad is that you sleep on twentieth page)) history of Greece has done with me is the focus in the next couple of months exactly)) that's why I think that people who are not afraid to read "deep" things hypnotics do not need never)) and their slogan for the period of the study of literary and historical work becomes the slogan: "Gee, I think I've already read it?!")) I kiss you... I love you... I miss you... but I'm here... reach out... I want to feel your most tender and the strongest fingers in the world...



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