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My sweetheart, my sweetheart redhead... I kiss your ears and the skin on my temples and I feel so good in these minutes)) and in others... and let you in your heart will be also... I will be there as much warmth and light as you give me make me feel good!... most of all I want to do every day is warmer and better, don't know how I'm doing, but I try with all my heart)) I even found you a little bit of heavy metal... I do not promise, that it was good:)) if I'm about something I can't really judge, it's just metal)) and, of course, is you and I have a new batch of adventures... and I anxiously tell you about your choice to join the movement Allround in support of a simple farmer... don't know what roots I started talking in a powerful voice, whether it were Russian revolutionaries and Irish rebels, but when I hear how ordinary people are struggling to ends quietly lament about what taxes could be smaller, and some "vile lying, pimply toad" Tito (I swear it's not, mind you, my love, that's the slogan that slot)), again and again squeals about how he's so cool, I immediately want to Unscrew his head, and not to stand on the side of the nobility in any case)) what you say?.. I'm seriously asking, because what if you really against?.. I just think that any opinion I might have expressed on this occasion, so you go ahead, "shoot the barrel" as it is, I Zaiushik... before agreeing carefully twirled it in my head, but could not provide another your decision... now you see the movie itself... there's gotta sniff everything and tell me... you know, that when we sympathize with you, so we have a lot)) and yeah)) more about linen a little... I looked it up, but to find it as a plant for a specific collection, then I thought that maybe there is such option as "collect for employees only", and sure... it can only do they... So I immediately tried to send our man, and it appears that they are not harvested, they grow)) I'm still internee)) And there you will see how we podkaraulili collector, when he walked on the field to start working... I am more to think about... With such I face for the first time)) while You have a rest... I won't Wake... 'm not rushing... I'm just gonna come and find you... just think of me and you let those thoughts are a joy because they are about me)) I kiss you everywhere... quite shamelessly and kiss... I love you...

And it's HM))




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