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Zaiushen''ka moj sladkij, I'm so glad you thought of me... and I'm all the time not letting go, because I really don't want to do it)) I for some time will now be "tied" to the house, because the session had a that I did not need to think about somewhere to go, something someone can pick up and someone to meet you)) I don't know how well explained, but I offered to proofread his manuscript one well-known lawyer who does not want to "lose face" before the future official editor, which will determine his publisher... a lot of Work, but it will not be too boring, because it describes things that led in different periods of practice and that it is now possible to publish and earn well on this... You know, I'm not gonna lie or flirt, I'm happy with the outcome because now I can be with you at the time when you have it HT a bit... I didn't want to get up and go somewhere just when you are freed from the shoot)) well, and it's quiet like this man, who "just by case", and tactics in the treatment of women such as he does not change never or very rarely that important)) that such news, I found you now)) I kiss you and wish you was happy when you see my smile)) you know, I don't know how to cheat with you... let the fog and do something more feminine)) well, maybe nazvati lips when I see that a few hours because you were too "in-process", as in some dungeon of the Spanish Inquisition)) and I also love to call you Geralt... as you can and let's go)) I don't have any definite plans, today let it be as it will flow wave... we'll see where there are white issues on the map and go for it)) I just want to do something together... whatever joy I'd be with you now in bed, I even agree to work – you reading, me reading, but sometimes just to touch your fingers... your fingers or gently touch the thigh of your thigh... well, suddenly, you would think one of your amazing fantasies, anything to do me so we were both happy)) I love you, moj rodnoj... my very own... I kiss you... kiss you so, as if you have already started to implement right now my desire "to do something with your favorite Lenka"))



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