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I all the time, Zaiushen'ka, worked quiet-quiet so you slept and thought nothing at all, knowing that I'm here... I'll share a little-paraskovia?)) I wish you could have told me to say as thoughts come into your head... always, always.. and this exactly this is my dream... that's what I call close, which is given to someone two, and then there is this closeness between them nothing can be done... such things)) a job, of course, that a gift (I am now on the contents and exposition)) sometimes I get scared... well, I don't know what word to choose, for my feelings... scary because I suddenly feel that people are stupid, and then someone else stupid, and then I start to berate myself for my feelings)) what is this?)) I well, all the other idiots?)) and the barrier to swoop you)) actually, sweetheart golubchik moj, stupidity is not quite the right word...in this case towards me, every word comes out of complacency... it's just a holiday)) nikakie most popular detectives judicial officials what you remembered from all the coolest TV shows do not lie with the main character in the masterpiece in which I rule the style and grammar)) he knows all, sees all, predicts all, offers a single accurate solution, but equal way which prevariti in his life... but not the most important thing two mistakes in the investigation were detected, but it could not be said about them... in one case, because the culprit was a beautiful woman with whom there was a strange intimacy on a subconscious level... he felt that one more push... one more push and she was on her back, but never began to tear and pull, to keep high and clean... want to know what I think without thinking: "selling false skin")) well if I have never worked "in the internal Affairs", but these (I don't even remember how many months of my life) I will never forget along with cold sweats at night)) and accurately - bullshit. arrogant and smug... and if you tell me that this is not the kind of nonsense, I'll believe you... I must have made a mistake... and yet, most of all I want to say that the author of stupid to the extreme, because everything I said would be when read it is obvious even to a teenager who does not believe for anything here...)) told you all this, and now forget)) before me the letters, I see the error, I rule "who on whom stood" and all)) but I wanted you to share... you heard me "like what I have now"... my very life I heard... so I got up, put the kettle on, pulled out some jar of jam, cut a piece of cheese, were treated to yummy Gwen which hears the door of the fridge in whatever room she was sitting around drinking, chewing and thinking about you... because I think only of you... you about something else I just tell you... I love you, love what you're doing right now... loving every minute of your life... when you walk or drive... or eat, or go to the toilet... I don't care you hear... each of them is priceless to me)) I kiss you... I kiss you my Zaiats...



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