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I know how busy you are, l ubimij moj, but I came to kiss you to let you know that I'm with you all the time)) somewhere in your pocket of your jacket, which hangs t)) or with you if you sometimes hold it in hands)) I kiss your affectionate mouth delicious, and velvety earlobes, locks of hair at the back and the palm, which touches my tongue, managed to get to him through my lips... schastlivo to you... may you work if not easy, then interesting, because you do it so wonderful that I will take your breath away and let you please my wide open ecstatic eyes, I'll stare at you... now I look at you differently... and you can read the desire in them to be yours, I really want to hide a little bit, so it wasn't too Intrusive or indiscreet... and yet, I want you, my sweet-sweet heart)) I found you a Russian short film called the Razor... the case is quite intricate:

The second world war ended. But behind every war is always human destiny. About two of them this film. A former officer of the Wehrmacht. Former captive soldier. They met in the torture chamber, when all power was in the hands of the Germans. A few years later they met again, but now the trump card in the hands of a former prisoner.

You know how I love short films... and seeing that it are unable to you will not share)) suddenly, it will seem interesting)) it would be just great)) I kiss you on the cheek under the ear and whisper: I have in memory all the time sneak the pictures as you caressed me, and it confuses my mind so that I can put them in order, but I have to work, and I hide them to a better time... what are you doing to me Zaichik... I love you... I'm waiting...



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