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L ubimushka moj, I kiss you in the ear a warm, wiacek, the crown and the cheek, and I'm so glad that you were on vacation, and I could from you will not depart)) and I to you all sorts of different surprises found)) however, as they will be good, you'll think of when you look and listen, but I was glad that it caught my eyes, or ears)) just listen to this:


I don't know how it happens, but when I listen to that kind of thing, I have a reason every time you added strength and light in the eyes)) and it seems that now the "next spring" and that even if still quite cold, "somewhere not so far spring", and somebody definitely still winter, but "spring is already coming and you just need to wait for her quite a bit")) and another strange things: I pursue and overtake snowmans in pictures and movies about the second world war, when all the teeth, not good, and to the great joy of reminding our second essence of Black Desert)) do You have any idea Zaiushen'ka, if our dark friend was called the Dark Black Snowman or Snowman... They're not so white from each other far left projected future... something I am so gloomy...But the film is not exactly easy, I just to it still any good add and you already choose what you'd like to look through one eye... that I added myself... I don't even know how to tell)) is Broadchurch with Tennant... and I still don't believe that just as you can take a look at that face on the screen, but as something beginning can, although because Dr. Hu did not want to let him in even a corner of his peripheral vision... Yeah)) Etto I am quite serious... even peripheral vision I didn't want Tennant to see... and don't ask me why, okay)) I can't tell... it's at the subconscious level, when I can't, for example, to allow a man to touch my hands because I have non-existent hairs on his neck stand on end from the rejection and the stomach sucks... how do you like the features of my psycho-physiological perception)) That's about how I feel about kissing and touching)) In Black Desert heavy battle, and the manufacture of flax)) I'll tell you how there and that, although I went there just to get away and relax... I would love to just lie next to you... just to be near... the stronger I'll be waiting for your return, and to come and look for you to see today... I love you, Mikey... schzstlivo to you... your every minute... I want you there was comfortable and quiet... how I admire how you do it)) and Yes)) I forgot to tell you)) I saw you with made-Aguilar figure)) you know, I liked it)) and let the steers franchise very much, so you get a lot of money that you will invest in something brilliant that comes to your head)) I kiss you... I want you... I want you everywhere... your beloved Lenka



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