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Mikey moj rodnoj, I've missed you here and call you in Silent Hill... It was equal where to call you, just thought that precisely there begins the time when one begins to cling to another, and somewhere not so far got to be the worst place - hospital... everywhere and always the terrible place – he)) come on, how can you have a smoke, ran out and left: what's next?))

No, of course I expected all remember is still better, but in reality I'm wandering in the fog like the first time... and everything about bowling, I forgot)) sometimes I think I dont always learn)) it is clear that the entrance is open over the net, then there just has to be something, so why not immediately go on to find what you need)) you hear, Zaiushen'ka, I give up)) I also play this game for the first time)) because I didn't even know that fatty will be in to eat his pizza, and that girl will not remember more)) it's a good thing: why not just admit that you did something bad and regret it... I have the feeling that this is a problem all enclosed in this silent place... saw how it ends... just like in the Sartre play where hell is only a few rooms and nothing worse, it seems you can't make up... they want no one to remember and regret... then wait somewhere for forgiveness and easier if you don't want me to ask... but this is incredible power to be able to admit that he was wrong... no matter what... in all that myself you know... sometimes I think if God has anything exactly tangible expression of it seem trivial human conscience... or is there or not... so alone with this and stay... I don't know Zaiats, forgive me, you found the time to talk about these things... you have to work, well, it's time for the conscience to have a talking)) you me at least sometimes stopped)) I with you completely relaxed, and every thought flows in front of you at the same time as coming to my mind and flows there)) here it is – stream of consciousness)) thank God that it is not reflection every time)) but so amazing and easy for me to communicate with you... such a gift... I'm waiting for you... just as you went to work, so I immediately began you to wait... wait for my biggest joy in this time of our lives - when are you coming back... and I haven't forgotten about what we talked about in the morning-at night today... about an hour before... if you Wake me up as always, I'll leave you for an hour less)) but if anything changes, let me know)) I kiss you and run away, too, still needs a little work)) kiss you... want you... love you... and if I erase all these words to the holes, I mend all the holes so that everything will become more tender, and again I say this to you... because you are the most wonderful and best people on earth... my beloved...



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