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Zaiushen''ka moj, I have until today is another day)) very good)) I kiss you, because you're right there for me began... when every step in the beginning is your love, then everything is easy... in the most important easy because you're around)) I do not think on my words)) I'll whisper all this as I think, and it means that something will definitely not continue more... I'm just happy that we are close and all)) I was now in vk, on the subject of whatever interesting stuff you might like and I came across one film in the community "Scandinavian kaleidoscope", which according to them was the starting point for the creation of this public... And he "with a beard", and in Russia now it is impossible to get neither with voice nor with subtitles, but we can't be threatened, because we already have it and can test anytime Now... things go a little more easier in terms of sacaca, because my favorite resource, which is closed by the State in network perfectly, have taught their loyal customers to find them elsewhere and increased distribution of rare films from one to seven)) So that you and I live and iroam now in fresh)) That, at least Classified stuff... You far in those first seasons I watched, Zaiushik?.. I saw)) and even remember that my favorite character was the smoker)) I always wished he was the father of Mulder)) And I liked that Scully is such a chubby little against all the trends)) From today's files are not waiting for nothing at all, but the first series I still want to see)) So you too give it, but you decide, maybe you can not stand))

And still such here a sad news... he died Colin Vernam... somehow the break away and break away the delicious pieces of the pie of life... or chess cells on the Board are thinning and falling... and it cannot be replaced... here, for your ears... all - so for joy... because it's already there and cannot be undone... and that's the incomprehensibility of all that surrounds us... that I love... and today I sang it with such pleasure and I was bright and popular, because it is already there and all))


Oh, and of course, Black Desert)) and he certainly won't be the last)) so then you just enough pieces and to go there and there)) and brag about you to our compositum suit fisherman)) check out the bag, and embroidery boat, and the pants and boots are true, there is such a funny phrase "it's not a fur coat in pants to fill")), so, really, it's not in the tights and heels in the Medieval swamps of jumping)) and even for real money)) I am sorry I muddled you all said)) I would absolutely not say anything, just lay with you and listened to you being around me more... and nothing... I am with you even in silence and in silence long is never boring or too quiet... not bwyae and... because I love you like life, which is really simple, if everything in it is the garlic)) kiss you... and... you're the most delicious man with the most magical fantasies for me and with the most affectionate and Tolstikhin boy in the world...


Elena and Olga

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