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Zaiushen'ka my sweetie's favorite, I all the time, and all the time with you... just saw that you're busy, and it was kind of awkward, or something, to distract you in the process... I kiss you, and just anytime you call in the Witcher... I haven't thought what we got to do, but as they say in the language of the underworld "you never know Malin in Maryina grove")) grove Marina is a place in Moscow where there were many dens of thieves, and raspberries, just like this hangout is)) so kiss me, l ubimij moj, give a hug, and we can move on))

Well, with the witch still did not work, too high of twenty-eighth lawl for our sixteenth)) I for some reason thought that our twenties)) but what were we getting to the final so it was easier)) I was all set to finish the CE then, because lost count of how many dead bodies we threw in there)) no, I don't liked from the beginning, because getting involved in legend where there is the use of women in any form, a man always inserts the first...still have to pull it and perforate his skin... I wonder what if, as many in the French wars sat)) I also had is not easy, because I don't like virgin, bearing in mind that she lied to Geralt, when he lost his memory, saying that they were close... but honestly, so honestly, so conversations had to do very carefully so as not to put her out of a desire to kick her a couple of dozen strokes with a birch rod)) as well, you went with me... I even recovered somehow, despite the fact that just didn't know how to fight)) who do you think they're going to execute?.. May be just Dentaline?.. I would not want them to execution, he managed to "nibble"... the Inquisition was not joking, really, favorite?.. and pulling nails, the case may not be limited... I kiss you, my dearest darling... my sweet Mikey... schastlivo to you... if I still have time, I'll call you, Yes?)) I miss you... do you remember what I promised you?)) now, I'm not really doing it)) I keep you faithful even from herself, my love))



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