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You know, Zaiushenka I don't want the most? You wanted to ask me a question: have you ever something happens right?..)) Sometimes... almost always, and just so I'm not all are ready... like now)) I have another keyboard, another language switching, and it's still how I would practice without trying to speak in a different language)) well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little)) and yet, sorry can't show how to iterate over the keys blindly, habitually choosing the letters which are now located next door)) I so badly wanted, now that you did all that felt missing... and my words... all in a circle... actually I wanted to sob with frustration, but I did not, because it turns out that I have "eyes wet"?)) But I almost never cry, only in your arms when pleasure is so strong that I don't know... but I forgive myself)) I will try now to level off, and even now I will try to tell you that in Black Desert new class Wizard, and if you want, we will then be able to run there hero, whose face will be just like your friend Sir Ian)) and even a trading firm it is possible to name: You shall not pass or Lobzy me in the darkness)), but first, of course, we will deal with what we have, right?)) For some reason I often start to think about how these shootings... When was the AC wasn't thinking about that at all... I was sure that you were in there "as I breathe", even when completely hard...And I was very surprised when I saw in the caste of D'arcy... Who he is... Matthias, perhaps, forgive me of my ugadyvaete, it is rather a habit, almost mechanically... like talking to myself, I've always only and don't know how)) here you could hear my whisper... "don Matias"... just at the very beginning when there was a site we often wrote women passionate of a fan... will Give you some of their secrets)) they all had these fantasies as he beats his hands on their ass because it can't hurt either one of my girls)))) they are normal these ladies, the one that now runs his twitter teaches at the University (at least, taught), we have interpreted for nichego interview with French collectible discs we could upload, but they aren't... So I don't even know)) you look harder there as his hands)) so, I'm asking you how you with it worked?.. and I don't know why... but this question sticks out in my head... or I saw his face in the picture on the set and I something thought... but could he just freeze to horror)) the master still works... but I don't believe that something will happen... I hear that there is definitely a corruption of the hard disk, because the rollback I do not let the fifteenth of January, nor on the twenty-third... This was not even ever... but I'm stubborn, you know I will still have to overcome, and I've already got our witch to collect the cotton and adapted to the photoshop)) I need you... that I knew not ruined your day today... because last night I was not able to come out and tell you at least something... and so I ran until the morning trying to get to you... well, nothing... still, now all turns out, and we're together, even if each "missing something to load")) kiss you I kiss you... just... weird, to me you little... I want you now)) it would be delightful to love you again...



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