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Zaiusgen'ka moj, as you look at what I'm gonna call back and forth, and maybe a little more than usual, though not much and not for long?.. You're busy, but I still want to see you)) so I figured out how to get us to kiss and hug each other so you all have time as it should)) now we have a piece of Geralt... and have ска0зать, is so curious a piece)) remember where we need to invest in the right place book, and then to continue further exploration of Candelina?.. This is what we will do)) You will definitely be curious because that is a big piece of the video... I hope that we will be able to do everything not too hard, because as always there can be very different to the simple deprivation of life... And still be such a strange thing... There is a great quest to search for maps for gnome, but you will see that in the tavern... he's not Here, yet don't know where to look, and most importantly, why it is not there?.. I don't understand it... So wanted to do it today... don't remember where I read that there will even be betting on the life of another dwarf, but the more I look, so next visit will have to check it all in dynamics)) And yeah... I'm so happy the bell rang)) amazon took the money for the Macbeth dvd... this means the store sent it to and soon I will see... I suffer and don't say anything to you about as I wait... In the whole network there is only one copy – and it's a Russian copy with the dubbing... here its all on chip and gifs... I look and see there are pieces with you so beautiful... and... desirable and delightful, and even can not do anything)) now, I will quiet every day hope that "maybe today")) let's do it this way, I'll translate it and then we go again... let's try this first to see Priscilla, and then the quest gnome)) schastlivo to you, my love... I miss you... I make it up as you can see)) and still unbearably want you closer)) I kiss you everywhere... and my eyes are caught on you my most favorite places... very warm with the most delicious smells... because they are yours... yours, my sweet...



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