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L'ubimushka moj, kiss your ear and whisper persuade you to go to the casino)) and I promise never to do in real life... So many good people lost from nebelenogo, but the average environment that nazyvaetsja "to the nines" , including cars, homes, businesses and were forced to engage in a serious run, only to remain unharmed (one family together with the kids even hid a couple of months in our the same with Olga's apartment in the quiet town, and even repaired nothing better to do the recorder and had lots of fun watching movies on tapes)) funny, but only up to a certain limit... now, I know nothing about it... again we will go to the touch, why the first round was lost, while I was quite sure that after our passing will be a draw, I did not understand)) it seems to me that the deck is too few strong cards... but maybe I'm wrong... just in case I found you the rules of the game in the gvent that you already knew where all the same mistakes and could calculate mentally the best options)) need to practice, this game is important for the course of the game, but I'm too lazy and I avoid, I'm telling you this for a purpose, now just keep doing this... we have inherited from the Baron's list of the best players in Gwent and have them all around in search of the best cards... yeah))... today very unlucky)) "purple" stripped us "as sticky"... the second one is "blue" player, which was christened as soon as we logged in as "here it is, our paper grave")) did you see that, sweetheart?)) the only thing that rarely fails me, so this is my intuition)) I immediately felt that it is generally better not to come)) this card! I want these cards... they attract the enemy, and dragged behind a family... have to go in welyn on the list and collect all the best)) here's my message to you today)) to boast of absolutely nothing but information and plans as much as you want)) and it will definitely be a great experience, but with a huge huge holes on the back)) what do you say)) you managed to entertain me now?)) and maybe you even smiled...)) then I just won your biggest and a sweet prize)) kiss me, my soul... my joy Zaiushen'ka... I miss you very much...



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