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L ubimij moj, I'm going to brag a little our success in the card business)) having reconsidered it, I realized that plenty of cards in Calado you can buy from merchants in many different places... So, I suggested them gradually all around and not only buy those that are freely available, but to play with each of them to each get one of the best in his deck... what do you think, for starters, the plans are quite good)) however, to implement them will be not so easy, because very few, of course, deduct what cards the properties, we still have to get used to their application at the optimum time for this here... when you have a second, let's all try)) let's wish each other good luck because we will need)) I kiss you and engage in card fights))

Yes)) I don't know what to say... like in the second half, something began to work?)) you thought so or not?)) and still I had the feeling that you've done it with me... and wasn't even always agree)) don't know... maybe feel the movement of your elbow or the touch of the fingers... but I also feel that not enough confident "how to walk")) need to practice and only... and still very difficult with the map, which destroys the strongest cards, because it is not only the opponent's cards, and that you can use to substitute a blow and its too... I first wanted to move in Novigrad, but then I realized that the elastic band of his underwear still weak, and that it is better to get the hand in Velen, if heading into town, it is only for deck... the List in your pocket, what more do you need for happiness)) to be honest, I am not particularly active... very very slow day want to Fess up to what happened in recent days... it seems so much but I have a feeling that vacuum, as if I don't have time)) well, yeah)) I'm still without my power lines... most unfortunate that I need with my monitor calibration, on the other – the colors don't suit me... none of the three)) so I keep quiet and try to work with others, where pre-processing is already recorded, or monochrome to redo... I can only be the case if the resolution will be dramatically better and then you can just have fun... but the hard drive I just brought in, left him there to stick and fill machine what it once was)) here is what it is)) I kiss you, l ubimij moj, schastlivo to you... I'll be with you every minute, and especially when I'm quite busy, because it's my favorite time to run to you)) incomparable pleasure to kiss you when I need something to do... I love you... think of me... then we will definitely pierce the space and the entire broadcast will be our... kiss you everywhere, my Zaiushik



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