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I really don't want to part with you even for a minute)) whatever you do, I think about you even when I have to solve several problems at the same time, and they are all connected to my power line, which returned me to my files, but quite bald)) almost without a single update)) why am I smiling, I don't know, can't cry about me because of this really... just progressive will fix it and all)) will you do your part to inspire me and please, and I order you not just to upset frown and grunt (and I promise you, l ubimij moj)) so I decided before to start just to get you in the Witcher, to play in Gwent and kill monsters to earn some money)) I don't know, I think we have real successes?)) I still can't really trace the cause of the victory (at least not every time), and yet, I feel change is obvious)) I really want you to be interesting and even exciting)) that's still going to kill the fuck, but they need to battle sprigs of Myrtle, which means we have a little while to prepare yourself)) until such very small plans)) most of my large - you)) Yes, just to be there and feel that you are well and happy work... maybe lucky and I will find you something interesting... and for yourself too)) and I should be issued one evening when I could stretch my legs and see his "horrible")) do not want to)) so you do not want to break away from you and go to search, download, install just to see what it was)) but you're looking at me from the monitor screen, and I can not part with you even there... just every time again to meet the look in your gentle eyes... nothing)) everything will work out... you just kiss me now, and think of me when you have a minute (and when does it not)) kiss you all... and ears, and lips, and hands, and the navel, and malchishku... I love you all, and just caress you in my thoughts... want to you wanted to smile... just so... I'm here... call me almost by chance or a hand up))


Elena and Olga

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