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Zaiushik moj sladkij, I found something in Eastern cinema, and just going to watch it because they missed a bit of Japanese stories, even if they are cut not exactly on the top ten)) for dozens of Japanese films I haven't seen a long time ago)) In General, the raft looks like this:

Since ancient times, the Yoke, called a Mysterious land, was separated from the rest of the territory of Japan by high mountains and served as a reliable refuge for those who had been called fearless ninjas from IGI — agile and skilled spies, conspirators naemniki killers.

Their dangerous closeness and persistent desire for independence led to the fact that once the great warlord ODA Nobunaga, aspiring to become the Supreme ruler of Japan, gives the order to wipe the Yoke off the face of the earth, and its inhabitants, including women and children, to destroy...

I know that seemed interesting that I practically only the second time I face such rating action Nobunaga... And the first time it was in the game Onimusha... Because as do not twist, it's still a national hero who United Japan, and his successor Toyotomi Hideoshi... I Think here and he too will get)) No, I honor you say, beloved, that in the history of Japan I'm not strong, everything is going exactly here such a strange way ), movies, books, game... Then you start to read something more objective, although over time I believe less in istoricheskuyu objectivity...I found two versions of the film old and new and have not yet decided what I want to start, but I feel good already because I can at least think about it)) that is, about something besides searching programs)) But to be serious, I with pleasure would take dozens of such views on another film, where have you... Where's my Tress pass... I starved myself for the smell of you on screen... Want you a lot with your voice and all of those amazing feelings that you experience, when I see you in someone, and the edge of consciousness you allow yourself to see the you... no)) I can't explain it to you... so you know, we have to sit beside you and watch you together on screen... I promise I won't look at you, sitting side by side, may be I will sometimes squeeze your hand... and ask wouldn't be about anything... but you will surely feel what really means to me what you're doing... but here we tread on shaky ground... I sometimes neosentials tell you about their desires... for example, "how I wish that Assassin's Creed continued... was another and another... so there was hope to see you there... more" now, it's just my emotions... I just don't want you no inconvenience and no problems...)) so you keep that in mind when I next time start to gush)) I love you, my sweet-sweet heart, and just never try to contain yourself)) kiss you... schastlivo to you...



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