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Sweetheart, and so I spend this evening alone with you, just because I want it more than anything else)) I kiss you, my sweet-sweet heart, and now we will be with you "cut" in Gwent)) these are Russian synonyms for the concept of "gambling when the players with a whistle cut the air card when they go" - cut and pout)) in my childhood my dad and I were dead that's it, "were playing" snap and easy to fool)) but today for me)) I deliberately propose to outdo one language, which we still haven't got one, and I read that on the Islands there are many who love to play in the Gwent, and they may have cards of the monsters... Yeah... I'd like to build this deck, but still, it was the daughter of Baron... I feel for her weakness... maybe because daddy once quickly once buried... by the way, I never her monster is not considered, rather boobsy cute))

You see, the lady did it, but this dealer is on the island... Yes, he's a really good player, and I thought that this time we will not work, but then I thought that you would've risked once more, and all)) all turned out)) and map another elven us a plus))

You're so close to me today... I even think that on my skin still has the scent of your caress... and everything works, although I do make almost all relaxed... I'm happy with how it turned out... Macbeth while doing the frames and flashed other episodes quite hit the lyricism and compassion, while he buried their friends... and yet, the same was the late king... not always the one who could be blamed for a particular evil, for the benefit of the state... you know, he is close to me to the soul, your Macbeth... never mind the fact that I have not seen the movie (I haven't regretted once), it always happens much earlier than in front of me spread all the canvas... and he just breaks my heart... it Gorce and suffering... for me feeling like this pain inside, it's almost like a death sentence... I know that the pleasure I will watch this film will be huge and active... I don't know how it sounds to you, the word "active", but that means my deep empathy for each frame... Oh, Mikey... how I love and how I'm waiting for your miracle to me... I immediately knew it was for me... good Shakespeare – it's almost unreal, and passed more than a dozen years when someone spoke his words adequately... so for me they have remained best Russian Russian hamlet and King Lear... and everything... just everything...

Yes, golubchik moj, I'm in the community of European cinema dug up two random movie, and give them to you, "for emergencies", if it's not very exciting, you just can't sleep on them, and I'll be happy to listen to you sweetly, breathing hard, until there blown cool suspense)) What could be sweeter for me than you sleep next to me anytime of day... No-th-th)) sweetheart, I kiss you... and I will always be this little even if you won't have a single piece of leather without prints of my lips... I love you...


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