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I kiss you, my dear sweet... my joy will be to see your sleepy eyes... and if I say sleepy, do you resent me because they are my most favourite and desired... in such moments you're my... very-very true... what would seem to me... one look at the boy... he even stuck to your leg)) I kiss him and lick him there, where he was pinned... and leg too)) these are your dreams... your stay... and if there is still a minute let's spend it the way we are now... I give you all of our adventures, and we'll watch them together... there will be many terrible battles... you remember that we wanted to return to the castle with the harpies, just good flames... well, then so be it... and that's harsh because I don't even know how many will need time on one bird... by the way, you guys stole otter fishing rod, not weaker... only it seems that the bait we never will find... there will just be another quest about a black fungus, which I managed somehow to forget, because long time did not it to perform)) but never mind, better late than never)) and I for you that there are some left)) the fitting of new outfits in-game store)) maybe now you will fully understand why I took so long to achieve tailoring of a suit of the cook, dealer or fisherman... I don't remember telling you that tights always seemed to me something not terribly attractive)) especially like this color)) just in Russia there was a terrible period when it was not, and many women old tights that didn't throw torn and worn under jeans in the winter... I know it's hard to imagine, but I definitely remember it... now, at this time all those that were available to buy, had here's a scary brown color... I see it here, and I can't understand how the Koreans were able to come up with and why)) in General, I'm even more entrenched in their addiction to the simple rags, and then linen and cotton to be collected)) yesterday I had a couple of minutes so a nice night, I came across in youtube, what were your shooting... someone took it from the window and made quickening show... one... second... third... you drive on a light car... you were very difficult to discern, but I did see that it was you, and was so inspired by what I see myself as you got there and what)) only you don't laugh, please, that my joy)) but they are very real... I kiss your head and ears... your fingers... your nipples and belly... and coat... and may we find ourselves again close to just fondle each other... in the energy and heat that can I long to do, make, do, and feel the joy and pleasure of it all... I love you... all at once... even more because you is you... the most wonderful in the world my Mickey...


Elena and Olga

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