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L ubimushka moj, I'm with you all the time... and try to do everything to quickly reach the screens Macbeth... still trying to hope, but just received SMS that the goods in Express company, and that he was on tomorrow for the second half of the day issued in the delivery... I don't even know what to say, I can't believe tomorrow I'll see your Shakespeare for me... I am happy and excited, but please, don't say anything like, "Wait, maybe it won't be so... first look then say..." and other such horrible things to me)) I just want to see what I want to be happy and rejoice and all)) and then I'm going to rip, and do screenshots and more for all sorts of amazing things, because all this finally will be mine, and with your voice... If you knew how I am now satisfied that it is not folded in front of his own decision not to watch you not with your voice... I did not expect that I would be the last to insist on, and still be right)) I smile now because myself reminded now that little who did it (or tried to do) a lot more often than I... And then I somehow broke much less, although I tried then to think of much less indulgent than it is now... But I'm eyeing, and feel that there are too many changed to the other side, and for some reason the majority to one where I don't like, that's so me on the other side or not)) In General, I just want you to be happy with me if suddenly tomorrow I see my Macbeth... Please)) I'm going to call you in the Witcher)) just want to tell you, golubchik moj that the last quest should be stopped, because lawl a little low... You know, the old man should be saved at all costs that the tradition was someone to watch... But these morons are too strong and kill him in one hit... So if you don't mind, l ubimij, we'll be back later when will be real cool to us, no one could interfere to save the priest... Can continue to collect cards and play by way of collecting on its head quests)) let's make a deal now on your free time)) may be a quarter of an hour a few times, Yes?))

I want Zaiushen'ka, that you will be proud of us)) the Two parties exactly... I did not expect that someday we will play like this... almost in a hopeless situation and still win)) at least in the past, I certainly did not expect anything... Because again it was not tactics, but in a classy deck monsters)) And still did it)) You know, I really appreciate it, what I still could not evade Gwent in this game)) That I wanted to hang, pre-assuming that's something I never do, and I still don't understand how it all happens)) And I jump to your neck and kisses again and again your ears and hair... Zaiats... I want you... what is it... you touch me and I melt from the memories, what we had and how it was... you circle my head with his caresses... and your eyes and lips... probably tomorrow)) but I don't want to tell you: "see you later"... I'm just gonna be with you... and you stay with me, please... I need you so, my sweet-sweet hearh... my little heart is tender...



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