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L ubimushka moj, I still don't want to leave us without the game, especially without Gwent, we will have time to nadeetsya Affairs and tired, but better start with something easy and light)) however, it will not look optimistic and always winning because of one player, no, vspomnila, even two, to beat us and failed... so we'll see it, because I would have a fresh look does not hurt... tell me if I according to you made some mistake?.. I think all the "very good")) but people who are prone to overconfidence at times)) so I can once again reset all Nauchny on the balance of decks of cards more powerful than Geralt and a half times the opponent)) And I found out Zaiushik that can be played for each of the training you want, but card decks can be obtained only in the first batch today... I'll try to find a complete list of those who play, but not necessarily will happen... if "burnt out", I'll tell you)) and today I've got two more books Kazuo Ishiguro, which I definitely prefer... Just take a look, and put it anywhere in the stack and then pull, maybe not tomorrow and not next week, but then when you can stretch out on the couch or bed, throw his hands behind his head and say, "what are we gonna read?")) These novels are a bit different in style... the Mystery and story of the artist... But both are slow not quite Eastern, not quite adventurous for Europe)) Such is my General feeling, And I sit and wait for a courier with Macbeth... You know, beloved, it seems to me that this package carries me drunk Indian on a leaky canoe, which is all the time forced to stop and bale out the water)) Promised to be ten.. Seems a little late, recently, however, couriers are... a couple of days ago in the evening brought a parcel of food for Gwen, and I immediately wanted to treat him with some delicacy, so she stopped, finally, soliciting a monstrous dose of vitamins and went to bed, but it turned out that all the contents of the bottles turned to ice)) I even regretted that no matching bruises on my knees that it was possible to make)))) I do not lose hope, and if the disc is in my hands I will look even before morning... Even if you don't have to sleep)) I Had such a crazy time when everything was mixed up)) and I was just kidding with life in the pleasure to logati day, not lying down at night...read, watched, wrote about the massacre of St. Bartholomew, painted bodies, because otherwise you just die from a brain as it was outside the house)) And I think you already guessed that it was in the very quiet town robber)) I haven't told you yet, still working on another machine with a huge monitor (almost like the cinema)) and eye chuvstvuyut yourself constantly wide open)) they should give him a Spud (all photoshop)) on the power line the brightness of the light is not yet regulated, and then you have to wait for the master, now the special on the electrics, well they would have done with this problem anything you Can... I shall tell a secret: I can't stand... absolutely... why are they bothering me so... after two full working days, which are spent first, I'd start throwing up random thoughts from one of his hat, which he somehow did not take off... I can Imagine sitting in the sanitary dressing and top knitted cap... I walked into a room saw it and knew that I long not last)) I dunalp almost by accident: "NC, Oh, my God, but it just doesn't happen here... this just simply cannot be!")) ohh I'm sorry it's so long... I just really missed you, and you are ready to speak to bespamyatstvo, then take and steal somewhere and spend time with you in private for another half hour... can you imagine what the main and how we could do... I love you... I just adore you, my wonderful voshititelni Zaichik...



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