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Mikey moj l ubimij, I still will watch Macbeth... I Have somehow not matched the words... now they are all not suitable to explain how I feel... just sit and watch my Macbeth... I was never afraid of his name and I won't... so that was the reason to replace it with something vague like Scottish history... and why it seems to me that the reason actually was so simple, if it could touch it... I keep quiet at all)) are quietly trying to translate the semblance of an interview in which two of your phrases and everything else from the Director... But thanks for what it is... I get from him is so strange with you close, as if I can hear you inside right now... "something happens... or slam doors... or the shutters from the hinges broke..." as if the very air were mixed and confused what is around you and what's around me... I want you tomorrow with me... and I definitely was with you... I'm ready for it to do something... just that we were... and I want to tell you now that you forgive me if I don't then today I will say a lot... I'll be here a long time to be silent and just sit and watch the screen, even though there is nothing to be shown... each time happens to me the same thing... your magic. Mikey... your magic... here you just go, just work... because you can... because you're great and unattainable... and now you make again the miracle that I that is so then I will wait... I love you... you alone... like I'd done it all my life... from the tears for Edward Rochester in my childhood until now... thank you for what you did... and for what I would see... I told you that such gifts are not received, no woman in the world)) only I'm the one who loves you most, most wants you most of all loved her... your Lenka



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