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For some reason I think you're the one for me)) But I podridas back, stand on my toes and close your eyes with her hands)) Suddenly, you don't recognize me)) Zaikin moj sladkij, I missed you much and I love you... now I Have all the time side by side is your gift for a long time, Macbeth... And I know that each day will bring me joy until I go to work with him... and to watch again)) Read a little articles about Snowman... I still have to do this until I translate them... Seemed a bit strange endless mention about their fight in the Hollywood cinema... Kids, right, what... Like great actors, must be to belong to someone... But suddenly now, Gerard Depardieu is a Russian actor or yarinsky?.. Its now back in, he turned back the partnership will not accept?.. Although, something I remember when I wrote about Vincent, he plays a lot of English films... You don't abrasi attention if in the articles on the website about nothing Hollywood about Snowman will not find... I pervogo - I bought the music the orchestra of the letters, and they will speak only that which relates specifically to the film production and the dynamics.. For everyone else, welcome to the original)) dry oars and brains)) I now Have in my head spinning some thoughts on global cinema... It's your fault, my sweet-sweet heart... I have never experienced it myself don't remember how much... I started again to believe that cinema still exists... Amazing, exciting, wonderful... he needs nothing... it can pass any screen, in any fullness of the hall, to earn or not earn, but you can find, to see and enjoy, as we did not believe in what I can enjoy)) I kiss you for what you have... and that you have warmed and illuminated my soul, guess what I did not know... You are the light of my soul)) is a real warm light)) And I found something today that dark you can hardly say)) Here, look at the book... in any case you shouldn't miss... Even if there is no time now, it definitely won't be your place... It is sure you will wait and will not disappoint)) At least I would hope so))

And a little more Gwent... We just need to continue, and not because of the fostering)) BUT we need a Junior quest, which is without a win in the cards may not be made... That's not all)) I will please you that we will be champion in a fist fight)) Like this into your plans?)) I jump up and clench you legs only for a few minutes... yet no one sees... nevynosimo I just want to cuddle up to you whole body... I want you so, darling... I love you so much...



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