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Zaiushen''ka moj l ubimij, I can't be home... I so much dogovorilas today and heard a lot that even while drinking tea, it always seemed to me that it is still doing something... I guess it would be worse, but I was smart and brought a volume of Shakespeare's tragedies in the original, but not in the translation, than has complicated the task for themselves at times)) And don't smile please... I'll tell you one thing and you might even be surprised because for me there is the concept of Russian Shakespeare, because in the translation Marshak, Lozinsky and Makinoi-Kupernik it sounds much better and easier than my own native language... I don't know how in Britain, in fact, bound to the Shakespeare, but I do know of people who are fanatically devoted to him here... by the Way, poor Macbeth is almost not at the hearing... Maybe just because he is worthy of translation did not get quite... the First experiments that were made in the times of Pushkin and, by the way one of his best friends Kuchelbecker were so bad that he tried in the end destroyed... Those who are devoted to Shakespeare really believe that you need to read in the original, and it is for Russian ear the tangible work... As I understand any language ears too... At least while I was typing articles for the website, had enough of these problems to capture... don't understand it... many of Them don't understand... I actually to you with that and went on... to Tell you thanks for Shakespeare's Macbeth... For... For their language, which, finally, became music to my ears... Live life... tragedy and humor... In your lips he appeared "out of nowhere" and the whole nature became alive... as I want to explain to you now that your voice is so good, that I could only feel it I don't even know at what level... Under the diaphragm, maybe?)) Where should be let and hungry, when he wants to engage in something)) No, I'm almost kidding... Just as soon as I heard the first words spoken by thee in this film, I reached out to them with all my ears... I listened and smiled in the darkness, and could sit and gasp, if I had that habit... Ah, well... Both sound good in your mouth, the words of Shakespeare's Macbeth... alive... real... close... as if I'm with a friend... Yes, he has problems... I know them, but I'm so sweet to listen as he tells me about them... Forgive me... I sometimes forked looking and listening... and once there wallowing in all that happened, I had time to rejoice, how am I supposed to know about it... Look, Mikey... I never ask those questions, but how did you do it?.. As guessed... guessed... what a blessed moment you caught the words of Shakespeare for the tails and made them obedient to their servants?..

So I said, so you will sound... don't haster me dare not...

I've come to gather you and live to tell how all it was,

How now it could have been... may the time have changed,

but I will take it in, on your wings I'll ride

and make native-hearing feral and distorted hasty bustle...

So did you tell them, darling?.. they listened to you and calmed down... And I now sit and look you in the eye and say thank you... When I want Macbeth, I for the book more hands won't last... I'll come to you and whisper in your ear: tell me a story of a king who believed in what must follow his destiny, which he said... and... I kiss you... I'm sorry that I'm all about one thing... but can't tear myself away... too exhilarating to what you did and now I have not seen any pick up in any way)) I love you so much... your Lenka



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