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My sweet-sweet heart, I almost came just like that, if can be considered "just" that I want to kiss you)) I just had enough of this, then many things, and if you don't mind, when I'm really bored, I'll come looking for you yet)) all I managed to break it a bit Gwent, and we just happened to hit a quest that promises to be not boring and dangerous)), First on Gwent a little bit)) you see this halfling?)) Well, these comrades always selfish and harmful in life)) I would say that half of the growth forces them just in case to be arrogant... But the saddest thing in the game with him was a map that we got in the end)) I don't even know what to think about it... to Win against an elven deck sharpened, and as a result add to its maps one state of the weather)) Is deceit "to the fullest")) the funny Thing even if you go back and make another attempt "to strip" the craftsman, still we get the same rain, better or improving weather)) Here goes the quest, and I don't know yet to unleash these beauties with a fight or not... I'll tell you right away that tried, but they are strong... Three twentieth lawla, and they put Geralt almost immediately)) I was Lucky to lay those on the ground floor only once, and the jackpot for that was so solid... Well, golubchik moj, watch)) What you say?)) I a greedy girl?)) But it's more likely just a habit, and why not earn in a fair fight, if you're lucky?)) Well, to continue, I'll laugh)) You see that locked door?.. Tell me, why did you have to Bang on it for so long, as a result, we almost got killed, but we do no damage inflicted)) especially because all though no one can be seen)) is left to jump in the water to try to podobratjsya on the other hand, but there is a blank wall)) so, it seems, "prodolzhenie Banquet" will not, and well, we just took the money)) that's all we have time to play)) a Lot of money and one rainy card)) I kiss you, the sun is my favorite, I'll get you some more bits and pieces from time to come... now I Want to stand up or to sit with you having embraced at least a quarter of an hour)) to breathe you... I think besides you I now really want schastlivo... to you... all I can distract you from it many, many calls and pokes in keys)) I love you...



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