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I have missed you so much, l ubimushka moj, decided to call you to play in Gwent at any time, mono on Pyt minutes)) after a quarter of an hour)) this is because in General there will be many-many and very different...)) I was thinking to somehow edit the game, but kept it all alive, even though we many parties with the same player will replay many times to get a better card than he wanted to give... well, and on the way there will be a couple quests that weren't expected, but once turned up, so to give them up)) I wish you have fun)))) I can't say that there are some tangible breakthroughs in tactics, and the process is malleable at times like this)) in a word - process in light dynamics)) at the finals of otpravimsya on the island, because there are certainly players left, but there is one catch – there seems to have died a king, and all the people on the pier to pay their last respects... this then seems to be tied great quest, where you have not to be mistaken with the heir to the throne... and especially for you, my love, I decided to try for the first time the deck monsters)) It was cool, but you all will see for myself in the end)) it is a more "in the sand egg")) is weak on buckling legs)) BUT still, despite all the setbacks, which will, I call you)) and I got you a book... it seemed to Me that you sure to be interesting, especially because it is specific... It is a book Gilles Deleuze "Cinema"... the author Himself defines it so: And yet it is the concepts of cinema, and not theories about cinema. Always the hour, noon or midnight, when the question "what is cinema?" turns to another: "what is philosophy? I could not quote you is because after that immediately I want to be proud a little bit, you can really relate to what you're doing... no one else I will not quote, I know, it's never sat and nothing said, and nothing helps... But how many philosophers you can find who wants to write anything on this topic?.. I think you will dig it... and today I found one thing to be absolutely sure)) I washed her hair, and when my head is down in her come sometimes accidentally deepest thoughts)) so I was thinking: t-Shirts, may be interested in reading it as a producer... and immediately realized that I am so proud of you for producing a wonderful movie, and I feel like you're picky attentive and competent when engaged in some process details...This is great... Making the best of the very notion of cinema, which is now almost not like it... Me after Macbeth actually pulls almost to the very beginning... I look at the boxes with very old films, as if I was contacted by an invisible chain from good beginning to good now... You know, you're here now and it's a good do... and I again feel the taste and smell, that always loved now... always love you... very much... kiss you...



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