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I wish you was still asleep, my love... it's this constant desire, that you gave our love so strong, then you definitely want freely and sweetly swinging feet)) because all that was in your stock, you shared with me)) and I gave you so much its just that your sleep was the most sweet and quiet, because while you sleep, the who loves you very much all the time and thinks about you... and if your heel or butt stick out in your sleep from under the blanket to stroll, it will kiss this place and then it will hide)) I'm in complete ecstasy work out the next page of Macbeth... it was so good to work again on the old colors, which already seemed lost forever)) even today, at night I sometimes dreamed of a query that I asked yesterday all reference systems: "the wood of the videocard AlienWare")) the funny thing golubchik moj that the answers were listed and very literal things, "firewood, dry, ready to cut.... Best birch thin naruki firewood for your fireplaces")) this can be easily understood Russian, because "drova" is distorted from driver)) so, I slowly enter you in the course of Russian jargon programmers)) and lovers not to be LAMER with his car)) Oh, if you knew, what a pleasure to make screenshots Macbeth... although, if I said "just remember some details", that would be inaccurate... I don't need to remember anything... I Have everything in my mind, as if embedded in my memory immediately... each expression the third person... every gesture... Oh, how could you be so wonderful.. so amazing... I still can't obyasnite you how good you are... to give this image, which I even dream did not know how, because I didn't know how... I'm not even thought I'd have something to say, but can't help it... and I'm telling you all of this and smile admiringly and happily... and we definitely will talk about it... how did it happen that you live the most-the best of the old school of acting, a trace of which is left... you know my l ubimij when to how you feel and prelomlenie "for now" dobavlyaetsya all your strength and freshness of valproate... all the vivid sensations of his hero... it's SUMASSHESTVIE... and a genius... light and art... the real art of cinema, in the highest and best sense of the term... and may think about me whatever you want, but it never changes... and that means that you haven't thought about it, I'm right)) kiss you... kiss you all... my sweet miracle... I love you, Mikey... don't want... don't want you to leave today))


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