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I don't even know, golubchik moj, how to call together what I brought you in the basket... a little bit of music, film and book, and a few games of gwen)) or salad, or meat Solyanka)) the First dish you well know, the second is this delicious Russian soup that can be brewed from the remnants of various meat products that are left in the fridge almost by accident, and meat delikatesov)) but better, of course, that the broth was from beef on the bone, add smoked ribs, ham, smoked sausage, pickles, tomato paste, lemon, olives and cucumber pickle does not hurt)) I'm not alarmed by this enumeration, my love?)) Still, it's surprisingly tasty, I would even say absolutely oilsuse and a warming effect, and Yes, to waive the second bowls of this soup is very hard)) I do not know what it is, can be smoked and celnice... but I would with great pleasure treated you so nice)) I'll write a prescription, suddenly, happens so that you'll be home and have free time, and you will afford such food)) I don't think you'll ever regret... Well, and I, as in this hodgepodge of "everything little by little"... a Book that I got you I ordered some today in the store of old books... couldn't resist and I'm going to give eagerly, because I have long wanted to read something similar, that I found quite by accident – that Robert Fosse People Trendafilova... I won't spoil, as soon as you read the abstract, you know why I confidently chose it for "to read"... this is the kind of almost random knowledge depends sometimes people will be able to notice the false in the same movie or reading another book, not even to catch and enjoy it, but just to get a feel for what offer, that's not true... Well, about the movies... They are quite different... And I don't know if you'll like any of them, but I felt like something no it's not like... well, maybe a little Tarantino)) which itself is similar to everything at once, what had once somewhere certainly was)) but who knows what's under that moon?)) suddenly, something new... and I've got lemon cut arbitrarily to spice tingled the tongue)) but I don't even know these guys with their music on the spice))


in General, if anything, will listen more, if not, then no))

card and party some today I really was amused by this and winning it was quite impossible to call, but I did get something in an empty place)) my love, I'm ready to talk to you about anything, if only to be around a little more)) I know that much)) so I just kiss you wherever time)) only wish much more and longer... I love you... come to kiss me I, too, will come... Zaichik-Zain'ka-ka Zaiushenn'my... my best...



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