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Here, l ubimij moj, so I drove around Geralt in search of someone else for partnership in Gwent on the Islands, but the villages, which are players who somehow never found... I thought, maybe I'm just mistaken and this is not village names, but the names of the Islands themselves, then we need a dealer that sells these cards... I'm stupid... well, why I didn't buy at least a few... I saw them, these cards, and even thought about them, but then decided: "Yeah, okay, then..." And now I can't remember exactly where and what dealer they were sold)) So, I'm calling the campaign "directly over the speaker"... Like where the curve displays the... in the list is the name of Larvik, and most likely it is an island, let's set up there may be lucky?)) Do you think rodnoj moj golubchik?)) I really want to win, but lately opponents caught just with the brutal decks)) Look)) You see, then, how are we going to the mountains Dapatkah as on a skateboard)) Poor Geralt even scrannel)) Oh, how I love when we're together-together, do what some of the pranks)) All)) float... Need to pomoriethe)) And, Yes, I wanted to tell you that there village was so beautiful... a lot of Kids)) "Why do I always have to be a boar?! Because you're fat")) and someone pressed next to an icy river... and someone is fishing... many colors... sometimes I just fail to understand how creating a game to pay so much attention to detail-such detail and all... But from this and is that then displays the game in the first place as the best throughout the year... And Ubisoft it's time to think about how it happened that they ceased to be not first, but best... especially now that when you raised their own bar at a height, which they have so long forgotten... And don't think I'm just bitching... just no... on the contrary, the mood is light and good... everything... and it's not a grunt, but as a whisper: if you do not know where to go, try to go back to the fact that you're doing, where you were doing well... where did you like what you're doing... I always try to watch that in myself... And, Zaiushen'ka, this all said I'll defer to Ubicoft and those who have now had writer serious crisis (for some reason at the same time and much)) You see, we almost accidentally freed the territory from white wolves and came back men... how I love the randomness... people can go on to build (and even sweep near the house)) that we play with you, then I'm talking to you)) it Turns all "in real time", it disintegrates, no?)) I don't know why this is so today, but I just cannot I want to feel you next to me close right now)) so, when I talked about a creative crisis, it was more about my friends the sculptors and artists, whose exhibitions on the nose, but they are evil and in a strange stupor (almost violently and maliciously sculpt something in a hurry, and getting worse) here's a strange village we came across, are abandoned, but the quests there, I thought perhaps we do this not by lavlu?.. wait for it... in the woods a quest... guys pray... poor guy)) im terrified)) well that will help them in the name of fathers?)) lawl favourite, but only need for these "kids"look to be alive)) Forward! Torpedoes for battle! Prisoners of Nekrasov not take it!!)) And, it seems, this is where we get stuck, because you can see bad, and brave allies eager to fight at the forefront of)) No, I was wrong)) we can run further, and, so it seems, already reached the place... You don't mind, sweetheart, on the way we gather up all the quests?.. They're just interesting... Race "a trick", and a warlock with Manticore.)) And on the finale, let's play a game of Gwent)) how I love you, and how interesting to me, every detail, every discreet event, it would seem, only when you're close – all is well and everything is important)) I kiss you... I'm pumped glorious old movies that were just remembered out of nowhere)) suddenly, happens so that you look and you will like it)) I touch you there, where are you us Troilus boy to lie down quietly... very quietly ... sorry I couldn't resist... I want you...



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