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I kiss you, l ubimij moj, I have time to miss you, but I was very good all the time while I waited for you)) I walked and bought myself all sorts of Goodies for the eyes and the body)) and already on the way back I quickened the pace, because I wanted to be closer to you)) there was so much sun that seemed to spring also walks very near)) I went and thought about you, about you again today going to do another miracle I'll see later... remembering your serious face on the set and felt like I like and all that, all what I see and who I look... how I love it)) I still managed to find for you some movies, and decided to go to Japan... in old Japan, when they filmed quite differently and it is felt very strongly, because I cannot find any "white stamp"... But the film that I brought you today, it would and could not threaten, because it is based on the novel by Kobo Abe, face of Another, and as soon as I saw it, I immediately wanted to see because to this day only read, and the book, of course, also brought... I don't know when you will all watch and read, I myself do not have time)) as it turned out interesting so much that the more interested in something, the more just falls into her hands)) well, nothing... someday you'll get a huge pile of time, and we use it just on these things)) but it's hardly I will resist and will not get you right away that I will seem worthy of your attention)) And Yes))... of course Black Desert there of the battle-battle-battle)) I don't even have to watch the way she moves... it seems that there are new combat techniques, but while trying to kill, even once peer)) now I will start to work... I really love to do this at a time when you are already busy... then time flies, and more productively)) something else I wanted to say... no... nothing special... just to whisper in your ear: "I love you, my sweetheart... sweetheart... sweetheart...sladkij moj Zaichik.." and kiss all the eyelet on the edge... and catch soft warm flesh... next time will do the same with the second that they took me completely)) schastlivo to you... think of me when there was a time when just kidding)) I'll be... your Lenka



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