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My sweet-sweet heart, I won't lie to you, glad you're not flying)) I today do not want to part with you, wondering what you here at the airport, that you go there and there)) stack hand Luggage, and so on and so forth)) but you don't listen to me, I'm selfish, and will never refuse the opportunity, to grab with you the biggest piece)) I call you in the Witcher... very call, because today there will not be cards, but it will be a difficult quest and the beginning of another quest, which I was really fascinated... Intrigued from the very beginning, once behind the locked gate seemed this creature... Can we watch this together, because to reveal the suspense I really don't want neither the first nor the second adventure... I even suspect that on these Islands such a good will be quite a lot, is to swim between and run around the villages... But I went farther until, because first of all need a better sword, and of course, the armor would be laulom above.... So you have to run here and look for Kuznetsov, could someone something holds for sale... don't think Zaiushen'ka, there are not too many)) a Lot I still did not have time)) Works a bit slow today, I don't know why, probably just the day like this, or are you too dearly loved me, that I have remained soft, and make everything slower but carefully and thoughtfully, which is also good)) well, nothing, there is still a whole night, and I'll try to get it not all went to sleep)) now after all this time, when I feel you close... probably just quietly and not distract me absolutely nothing... and I got you one good thing... Remember we were discussing Franz Kafka and his Castle?... Well, today I remembered that there is a film adaptation of his novel the Process with Kyle MacLachlan and Anthony Hopkins... But somehow I want to start with Proverbs... I don't know, maybe you've already read, but today, I "listened" to it all as if for the first time... Apparently, something has changed in the minds... for some reason I thought it answers... in the meaninglessness of wasted time and the resounding answer to all questions... one answer at all... I know many of his novels do not like, and really fun hard to call, except that it may happen that the reader will be in no rush, and it will read following the chain of events as the cat the mouse, or embroiderer, which will take place only when every stitch will fall on its place... just right, nothing is confusing and not missing)) however, I often fell asleep, when too carefully poring over and caught links)) I have sometimes thought that they never will, that's true)) I kiss you... I want to kiss you... want us to have our time tomorrow... no)) it means nothing in the context of your business, it's just my wishes, which depend on what you can't, because they're just there)) I love you... I love you so...



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