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Zaiushen''ka moj sladkij, I kiss you... I whisper my sweet words... the most absurd and warm. about how tomorrow I'll love you and give myself to you happily again and again... and I want you to just lay there and listened, and smiled with his eyes closed, everything around you was falling into place, and again became bright and saturated, as if you woke up because you fell the rays of the sun)))) I'm not really talking about myself)) because these same rays and me)) and here we lie side by side, and let's not jump for several more minutes... just be here hugging and silence)) I already told at this moment, and you've already kissed... and your lips and cheeks and hair, and I'm with you the most favorite and happy woman)) and I've prepared something as promised for the present relaxation and fun)) it will all be in Aion... and rather monotonous at first, a little run, a little posrazhaemsya with peremennym success, you decide how it is fun, but if you can play the game all night, so you know exactly what's in process, there is not one minute unimportant or boring)) but now in Aion on Viscom lable we are faced with a serious problem – where to level?.. I looked today a bit of that about it write, and decided that I needed to go in a dungeon... the dungeon is not easier because almost all they group, but I thought that you and I are just gonna go around with a second account)) Look what we're doing, my darling)) We go from the laptop to the second account, called Joffre Borgia and invite Connor to the group, then let's make him a mentor, and then Joffre would get more experience... However, sometimes you just have to approach the power lines and return partner, because his time will display the IG games... And that's how we get to the base Rents)) Further I want you to all these beauties ... I seen it)) Is a mountain of our dead, because the enemies, although available for our victory lawl the still much stronger)) And we're not pulling out, despite the eerie soundtrack and creepy monsters)) they diverted units, and we have the opportunity to rise and recover)) I'm still going to find out where to find Rasta, you want to hit from the cannon, because while not seen)) Let's see all this in my free time and relax... Let today be like this... my soul is singing, even though I feel like with a severe hangover, though not drank a single drop)) I Think that it's just sleep deficit)) But a bit later... I still need to work, but I promise, what I'm gonna do it today with pleasure.. you're next... unless I can something to fear if you're with me... I love you so...


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