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My sweet-sweet heart, have You started work?.. this is great if so)) because I in your company "workers, just like a bee", it would be more fun)) I feel that while the text is stuffed, my eyes are closed and I don't even have time to notice how this could happen)) just open them and realize that they have just been closed, and that I was not)) and all else fails, know that you just have to lie down and sleep, but I still really can't do that... suddenly, I sleep and Wake up just before morning, and nothing is done... it's horrible)) I'll be down on yourself, even if t is interceding for me, sleepy)), nothing)) you just have to drink very strong tea with a spoon of honey and everything will fall into place for some time)) I wish you with the restoration came out better... but you're a lot tougher for me in terms of a strong and persistent fatigue... I just like to push the feathers), and to assure you that everything is in order, I – as a cucumber)) maybe that's because you know very well that this is not always the case, you never caught me on the exaggeration?)) I love you for it even more... I feel warm, when you have something of mine, like man, pass through your fingers)) like my lungs pranks)) I kiss you, golubchik moj, moj Zaiushkin ubimij l)) and here's another Aion... now I'll tell you what we are going to do the quest, without which, in principle, to move further in the game it was impossible, but he needed a band... and that's now happened that we ourselves in this group with you and did and now together we go on a quest that had to do a hundred years ago, and I've never been... I have been able to you found on it... if you have time look for all the same in Russian, and it's not very in these dialogues meaningful to them to write and to translate. Obviously the Russians are "bumped" when adapted the game, so I don't always prefer Russian in the game... In the Witcher it would be quite critical... Varvasky Russophilia names, Kotor I cut the ear and wipe out the ambient... Though, I'm sorry, I just do again and remember about it was nagging)) In a difficult dungeon you can see for yourself what happens... once the units cease to participate in the battle, diverting the enemy's attention on himself and not giving him time to recover, everything goes to ashes... So you have to use all the time in the first Loka, to perform two primary tasks 30 and 12... Just need to buy the scroll to roll back to a temporary area)) if you don't mind pokolbasitsja a little more in the quest laboratory rivard. of the rebels, Yes?)) I feel sorry to leave)) I wonder where all this time I had to go)) I kiss you, my love... and lugs, and the top of her head, and her hands... sweet and delicious my mouth, and mallika and eggs in the bag)) take Care of yourself for me, I madly miss you... your Lenka



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