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"Today I want a feast for us..." poor Pushkin, whom I told a bit)) But seriously,l ubimushka moj, this is seriously a feast for gamers because we'll be playing two characters from two computers)) They are in the same room - in the living room with two tables and me from one to the other four or five steps)) of course, I haven't counted, but right now I look like this)) And for this reason, we shall not get anywhere, because Connor is too big lawl, and when he kills mobs not dropping any mining... In the discharge of such production are the keys that we need, and which can pick up the corpses, Joffre with a suitable Lawlor... You will see that he rebels react and run with the desire to kill Connor for them, still that mountain... And here I made the mistake of coming to them and killing all enemies... Now they are both inside the dungeon and waiting when will be new)) That's all I had, but I really wanted you to interest and show how you can still play (though until now I didn't do it yet never have gamestwo)) I'm tired of is simply impossible, and miss you even more... frankly, I want to sleep and Wake up from the touch of your lips)) now I'm gonna make another page with BAFTA, I am pleased to do, because you were strong and smart... I can see your emotions, and together with this incredible self-control... I love you, Zaiats moj sladkij... and here are three more series Shelton third season... somehow I missed it, and uploaded just today... and it's on then... I kiss you... just bend over and kiss the place on your pants where you can feel that everything is alive and loves me... I kiss your mouth and I can't wait, so he covered my lips, crushed them, and mixed up, coddled them with its moisture... want you...


Elena and Olga

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