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I'll finish it later, and will fulfill it all, of course, if I'll find you and we will hide somewhere for five minutes to kiss each other and stroke where we really want... I would give anything to feel your skin under my lips... and on my face your breath... and I'd quite inappropriately said that he did not know how to explain to you what happened to me while I was watching Macbeth... you know I loved him and was sorry... and caught every moment piercing his insecurity... so many of them... I know no one will see and not understand, it seems, it's just no one needs, because everything else is too obvious... but has anyone tried to live with when it hurts the mind... when there is no single minute that you could think freely, boldly and purely, as well as acted once, because you yourself almost all explained your Ministry, even though you did not shift responsibility for the death of his companions on the shoulders of the one who sent them under your command in battle... but it's not crazy and not cowardice... it's a temporary attempt to evade that overtakes you from behind... like you in a dream running away from a pack of black dogs that haunt you, and you don't even have to look, because they will still catch up... you know, favorite, for some reason I kept thinking that you were gonna erase my attitude about that is another hero. Which you have created... I don't know... I honestly looked and tried to see his actions as bad... Yes... they are... only during the last fight I had pain in chest and throat... and there was nowhere to clean up... there are things that are wrong and defy explanation... when Macduff killed him and he dropped to his knees so worn out and tired, I ran out of strength to restrain himself and tears flowed, but it was more painful I allowed myself to cry... there is not anything to say to comfort yourself or someone who would like to... and not a single word which would fit... next to you I would allow myself to cry... and your clothes would have been exactly with my wet traces)) I am very glad to have experienced this moment... they need... to feel something, almost forgot... compassion to someone who was not from the beginning, because that's the way it should be... but crying and it hurts... that's what I call your power... to evoke emotion which cannot be controlled... in spite of everything the correct position... and if you knew how I love you... because you are all woven out of what I appreciate in people... and Yes)) in men... kiss you... your Lenka



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