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Zaсiushen''ka moj, I was so relaxed around you, that would be so lying, leaning next to you and not moved... if it were a free half hour, even better if an hour)) I know it's impossible, but I still surprisingly warm and lovingly, however long that lasted, thank you for this time, because you gave me pleasure, and then I could relax... I give you a few of the adventures of Geralt)) and quests, and Gwent)) look in free time)) If we can do it, make sure you're somewhere else)) anyway, let's plan to catch more)) it always happens... I'll hit the movies and the books, maybe find something for the curious)) to have time to see something that I have very little hope, because the time left for the trip, and now it's all a bit to reshape and firm up, but everything is just wonderful, and if you now see my eyes swim a little, then it will pass)) this is so reflected in them the desire to stay with you and leave you standing )) and Yes)) I'm interested in Witcher quest with alchemist... I Feel that history can be interesting)) here we will try to beat then several players who were not without the current decks, and you can go get a Pimpernel)) and right now I'm still hanging in our cinemapalace little cartoons... It's both old and new, and I have never been therein, just by chance today they were in sight... may they find you interesting)) I'd like to show you a very old Russian cartoon feature with old-old fairy tales... I wonder what they will show you)) I remember how I had the pleasure in my childhood to sit and take an hour to watch a long cartoon)) I still think and these Russians and Trou-disney (Belosnezhka, Bambi, Sleeping beauty) right and kind, but would never advise any boy or girl... maybe because they have no place to stop and look at the same pictures)) by the way, recently saw a picture from the Russian movie the Scarlet flower, in which Alenka sits near the window and rolls the Apple on the saucer:

"Roll bullseye

On the silver platter,

You show me on a silver platter

Town and field,

And forests and the sea

And mountain height,

And the beauty of heaven.

Below the picture the signature: Steve jobs took the Apple name from the first Russian tablet)) see Zaiushen'ka)) in time this moment in 30.04


kiss you, my love... stay with me in my thoughts, and I'll be happy))


Elena and Olga

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