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Do you remember l'ubimij moj, I told you yesterday, I promised myself to look at Macbeth objectively, and to accept all his bad deeds as bad deeds, but I fear that I have again nothing happened... this afternoon, I had to admit one thing, which maybe should have been recognized long ago... maybe that I each of your most negative character is perceived first as it should be - just look at him and what is he doing... but then comes the same amazing and banal thing... Whatever it was, he has your eyes, your face, your body, your fingers, I almost always see separately and the voice... I hear your understanding of this person, and you're good to everyone, and you call me, I propose to understand it, and explain the causes of the incident... each and every this guy becomes alive and tangible... the family and friends of a man who is in trouble... I came my dear, that couldn't be avoided... I know those who sympathize with you less, because you could never explain to myself it's not that their deeds, but what they have allowed themselves to become... and it's definitely not Edwin, and not Macbeth... I'm not going to call you... because how would you not be applied to them, I love them too... they will still go through suffering, and is beyond the display history will be forgiven necessarily, maybe the best that will not be forgiven ourselves... it just gives me the right to love them and to consider their friends, is hardly the confession of the earth would suit any of them as the last resort to ensure that it feels good... they will always be this little and will always remain their "questions in the dark"... as well, I started talking about them... how many of them are now gone inside my head... your face, face, face my favorite... your face... your face, my lover... you're the one to blame... cause I love them and ache for... I want every one of whatever was it was somehow better... was relieved for a completely unknown reason... almost like a fairy tale "no Bang, no Bang")) how I love facial expressions like Macbeth... I love the scene of the feast... how many times I read it... read-read and never loved... but there you go, everything changes, becomes simple, understandable, and I'm smiling... how is that possible... my warm happy smile at the Royal feast Macbeth... because I for the first time in my life that's interesting, and I for the first time in my life I see that he is alive... and happy)) I'm still really about him and not said enough, so I will do this without warning and illogical, forgive me?)) as the price of indulgence, I put you in the pocket film the City of Sorrow HOU Sawsan... since you introduced me to present Shakespeare's Macbeth, and pulls me on good... do you think I guess?)) kiss you, heart... my sweet-sweet heart...



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