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L ubimushka moj, I'm not going to sleep)) but I fell asleep so that when he opened his eyes did not even realise where I am and how much time has passed... forty minutes, a few hours in your heat and tenderness and my hip has imprinted the trace of the pattern from knitted plaid)) a distinct band, which didn't feel anything when I rubbed it)) it was wonderful... all the time with you in this our day was amazing and sweet... I close my eyes and I want to stretch in your hands, and then immediately curl up into a ball that you stroked and scratched his fingers on my back)) and I will do the same... and where is my drop?)) you promised... can I have you for a little bit... maybe five-ten minutes... to caress a little bit... just to make you relax a little more... almost half asleep... can't even... but just enjoy beneath my strokes a little more)) while I touch his lips and fingers... rubbing and stroking all your sleepy folds)) Zaichik-Zaim'ka-Zaiusha... and then we can see what we did there in the Black Desert... how they fought (I think did that scary fought)) and today will be the most serious story about the dark... only, it seems that it's just not us)) and our little black Nibbler not takoy brutal and bad, because he loves cats)) those who loves cats can't be finished the dark)) I'll try to somehow describe, as usual)) and rescue cats are still to come)) well, then everything that I have collected......

I'm not doing anything today... yesterday's inability to talk to you, I was warned that "enemies are not asleep in lj")) so I'll just be glad to see you... to find, to touch, to hold, and blah-blah-blah about anything... I love you, my heart... I kiss you ... your fingers... the skin of your feet under your fingers and there on foot)) and is the top... and earlobes... your juices and eggs... all I will have time... I want to catch everything... I want you... and I put under your lip striped patterned from the blanket on my thigh... she's still visible)) so tight and sweet you put me to sleep, my most beloved and most sweet magician, I love razviti moj Zaiats...



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