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My love, that's how we ran the hour, and hollowed the rock, and think, did)) but I rest from all those classes that just now you a hug, smile, and feel full of tenderness and warmth to you, and so full of energy)) and your eyes smile at me, so you could rest)) in my head with no clear thoughts... I know that now urgently need to start doing this and this, and I, of course, I'll start, but now I'm on quite a bit yet don't want... more I want to tell you how late last night (before the morning) I finished up the screens Macbeth, where the second time he meets the witches (soon I will put this in the news section on the website)... I was looking at your back and the ass, who saw under his shirt... looking at your naked games and dark from the earth the feet, and felt crazy... I love you tenderly, passionately, endlessly... I can find any definition for his feelings for you, but they are still nothing even I can't tell... because it's still more... even if ten times you'll see these on your steps, you won't understand why I felt something special... why is my throat warmed from tenderness, and I was happy... I don't need you to understand... I want you now heard)) and now starting to happen to me quite strange things... on 23 February in a theater ( my favorite at a very young age) will translirovatsya the play hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch... And I could go on... and could see... and that something would have added to the sum of my knowledge, at least to my eruditio and osvedomlennosti "the world's cultural news", only I don't... and it doesn't diminish in Cumberbatch, and did not diminish in the hamlet, which he did, just me not all the same which for me will now be Shakespeare... Because your Macbeth did it for me and others... I love his poetry as you've never loved, and feel his aliveness and intimacy as did not feel it ever... Maybe you advise me to go?)) only I still don't, I'm sorry for neprikosaemye to your words on this occasion, I will listen to anything else, what you said, but not about this)) I rant at all... I risk not to have time to tell you all this in English)) I'm running)) I love you... you know how... your Lenka


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