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Lapochka moj l ubimij, can't resist not to come to you if only for a moment)) thoughts are always present as flocks of ghosts and whispering about you... and provoke you missed them... find him and kiss at least once... you know you want it)) and here I am next to you... and of course, I'll show you a book, because I love to find you something in the present)) if you have something nice and old, I even more happy)) and today it will be the life of the great miser)) Is a classic picaresque novel (there's always a feast in itself)) it was published in 1626 in Zaragoza, and he edited by the author of almost thirty-six years... I don't know how you like "the story in the first person," but there's nothing you can do about it)) I will gladly re-read, because it is very good to relax with a smile)) that's what I want for you and... there is little to please me more than when you have free time, and you're smiling, caught up in something)), even not necessarily me, if I just close)) strange matter this time today, sometimes I think I'm doing several things at the same time, because our cat is also the case, and she has a very strange habit to jump on a table, sit to the left of the monitor and look at the screen, watching the most careful way what is ENM happens... I think I taught her for a time, when I let her watch with me a movie... Gwen sat down next to a chair (never getting on your knees until I Sioux on the couch) and watched the moving pictures until then, until the cat brain didn't force her to sleep)) you interested?)) I try not to talk about it, sometimes imagining as if I came to you or spoke to you on the phone telling about bullying our cat, and what would your chemistry or would not tolerate)) frankly, I am consoled by your natural kindness and warmth to all petcam... I feel it in you very strongly, maybe because I got it like that... they always interest me, wherever they're not caught)) I recently watched on the neighboring roof two crows arriving there almost every day, riding a snow hill... we were freezes visor, apparently from Nasta, one of shezada it on the tail and it fell down from the roof, in the middle desyatietazhki, soaring back into the air, the second, watched as she falls and it was in the air... they have done it several times in a row)) it was unbelievable)) Oh, sorry, you should probably... kiss, yeah?)) more)) and)) I want you ... you hear... I love you and want...



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