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While you work hard, l ubimij moj, I also decided to work at night less than)) and it is something that really helped me))


I remember the moments when typing, listening to the soundtrack to Assassin's Creed, support for the separation of Ezio on horseback from the pursuing guards)) this sped up the process a minimum of one and a half times, and, ironically, reduce typographical errors to almost zero)) you know what's bad for typing blind?)) This is absent with a Cup of tea or to pee, and sitting down again on the chair, to manage to shift the hand position by one key)) memory toes cunning sort of thing)) you'll be typing quickly, but if all the time not looking at the monitor but in pages with text that lie to the left, lines twenty-squeal of absolute gobbledygook)) at me such happened but the words two three)) I'm actually very careful and neat, and never hope "at random", always prefer to check... and I always check before leaving home I turned off the stove)) I remember once I went to visit friends on the other side of town... about an hour and a half drive away from home when the open road in a good car, and so arriving there and helping to set the table, I suddenly realized that I do not remember whether I turned off the stove, and it was not long before this brewed coffee is one easy... this thought killed my mood)) I couldn't get rid of it completely... I tried to remember some detail that might tell me I did everything right or not, but everything was in vain)) in front of my eyes stood the picture how it is now maybe all is quiet, begins to glow, and I posturography, can have time to fix it, but instead make your own salad here, and even't make a move to save all your expensive and favorite)) when I shared my anxieties with my friends of me only poslali... all with one voice began to assure me that everything is in order, but it only fueled me as an open an imaginary plate)) I ordered the car to there and back again, told you I wasn't expecting, but I'll be back, and went forward through the night, to save a burning house)) everything was cool and quiet... the plate was not only off, it is even nothing)) and I'm doubly pleased with myself, went to have fun)) can't say that the rest of the evening I don't "inserted studs and pins", but I didn't care)) and by the way, I still think that was right, because, well, what matter also that I need the most?.. you call it selfishness, sweetheart, or no?)) all then believed that I spoiled the party, but I think hardly anyone much noticed my absence, actually, but it was a great reason for irritation and sniffing and awareness of themselves as beings that this never happens would)) honestly, I don't know why I remembered this now and again and tell it to you... but I'm just curious to know what you think about my action?)) not in the sense of "right or wrong", but just "life", you know what I mean?.. you to her something like?.. it is here that about you, "it's mine, and I have to answer for it"?.. somehow I think that, Yes... very much so Yes... I feel that you are attentive to your belongings no matter how old they are, they are worn out or not.. I even chuvstvuu that you're not too divide them into old and new... they are just yours, and as long as they can serve you, you will not forsake them "live large" just because you can buy the same newer and even not one)) here so)) just stream of consciousness)) pojawi, go now, I'll try to add subtitles)) rest and good cinema exploded look)) kiss you all)) I'm missing you more than usual)) apparently severely inflamed and ranegras for our time)) I love you, golubchik moj...



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