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I didn't expect to see you, l'ubimij... I gave myself word that I will not go anymore really... worked... for the site made the first page of the 60 minute, laid down and watched Father Brown... well, decided to look at least "one eye", and here you are... why you go... you know that everything would still end up... five days left... don't worry I have exactly 28 29... and all... this morning I was reading an article the journalist from Irlanii, who said, what you're touching -- you're a chaste man from Kerry... and cool to the virgin from Sweden, where it is not customary to put emotions off... what if you kissed, then it would just work while you all really... great move... even I could not invent better... if it comes to mind someone of her publicists, a fire breaks out fresh magic flame... maybe tomorrow?.. at least I wouldn't be surprised... I want to breathe me in these five days?.. I can't promise that... I'm afraid that in five days, it will not webolit and will not work... you have some rabbit in the cylinder, moj Zaiats?.. you can even resist in his red corner in white shorts?.. I have no hope... and I don't want to... me a little... I want faith... my faith in you... that you're stronger and smarter... it all I have when it comes to this problem . but I want and here it was also deafening and much as for anything else... I love you... the only thing I know is that we love each other... I feel your love for me right now... what do I do?.. can I believe?.. you don't allow them to do to us?.. I can hear you right?.

Oops! Lovebirds in real life...



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