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My love, I kiss you and whisper you my Schastlivo to you... are you even alive?.. I died by my own stupidity, allowing you to hug her, but you see, aka dead man walking, come to you and ask: what are we going to swim now in these very tears and snot with the poor children and poor woman?.. and no news that would strangle this nonsense on the web?.. I was forced yesterday to post it on twitter, does that mean anything to you?.. no, I don't want you touching her, unless, of course, will not give her a slap in the face to frighten that ass tight, don't want you leading her on the red carpet... don't want her to smile... I want you to be mine, and whether I pluck or not, there would be nobody survived, but you're strong, you're smart, and I don't believe they crushed us... come on, do something... I'm tired of watching you scratch her back... yeah, okay... I looked in the eye and half with me enough... the kind of cinema I do not look, do-do... and on the website it will not... not be a question: what the hell brought you there... simple was so tense?.. good drama?.. I'm like a professional says: babsky shame... then it fifty shades, you can at least get some sleep (as it happened to me), or to masturbate here... only eat sandwiches and cry, thick booty sitting on the couch... I only have one question... do you give her her happy Oscar day?.. will go and then at the party and afterward? I see you with her before or... I don't know what it is... you can call it a rivalry... but it's a competition for the whole world... for justice... for my film, in which she dares to take a crap... you will make her such a gift?.. tell me, I'll believe you me this is important... what you did...from all points of view... and Yes... it's the thought of a load... something in the air... the bright Balabolka and ninjalike from AC... to normal people serverul nose... such a luxury in the wiki article... can't you concoct some little kid that will ignite and will dilute all this hysteria?.. went to throw out a tweet about the poor child... I'll wait, you tell me... I know you're busy on most of my favorite lugs, but get at least seven hundred... you'll give her the Oscar?.. if you decide to do it, then a hundred... you have to answer all of my morning... I love you... I normally love you... like my man... and man can I say anything but love it don't do nothing... you're the only one for me on this earth the man I thought he was... your Lenka


Elena and Olga

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