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Thank you, my dear, for start today)) I know now in myself that that was the night... and all because you're with me)) I kiss you, Zaiushen''ka moj l ubimij... can I kiss you everywhere?)) where you catch and where you will?)) I just now very easy, and you hardly have time to Dodge, if I want to accurately get your the most delicious place)) well, what you tell me, if we start today to have fun with the game in Gwent?)) if you don't mind, we will proceed to Polish the Asses of those who beat us before, but nothing we could not do)) is there precisely in mind a couple of these up noses... I don't know, but their manner of communication is such that with a touch of superiority, and it seems that Geralt inside a little offended, quite boyish)) need to make it a grudge didn't hold)) it's bad for your health and psyche)) then send that golubchik moj?))

And how do you like it?)) of course, in principle, I am satisfied, although the two parties remained for me, though winning, but confusing... did You notice how the partners was burning maps to one, and then were forced to walk the "good weather"?.. somehow this was awkward to do even in our very amateurish scenario at the beginning of training)) and then, this is the last Bronnikov... I could not believe my eyes when I saw that the first time he gave a deuce, and four for the second time... the Third party to start was no use... he only has units, and no valuable cards he's just not going to give)) and at the end you see how cool you can dress up for this lawl... Have yet to run like this, until you get armor of cats... will be held following the quests that needed to get armor?.. You don't mind, love?.. Although, of course, and Dykstra want to do quickly)) But without armor will soon be cutting us almost with impunity and fast))

And even then, maybe ran out of Aion will beat kralov?)) I want you to see how the house beat (long ago), but I warn you, that such things – they require patience, at least a dozen times when trying to move the locker from place to place, but he still doesn't get up, or change the size of the furniture and carpet back)) okay I just have to get involved, and if something drags on, I slice resano that you caught my eye more speakers, but the process itself was not heavily damaged))

I want a night with you... until that night... I just want to live with you... but put now stick one bit to the statue, furnish her with wine, and she is currently upside down and waiting for the glue will turn into steelo)) or am I waiting for?)) but that makes me feel good... at least I know that there is a grain of sense)) sense that at least one seed I want)) even in rubilovo-mochilovo in games))

Yes)) I forgot to ask)) as you start the case of Moran-Moriarty in Russian ekranizacii Holmes?.. liked it?)) will continue slowly, or you after Cumberbatch it seems too long and tedious?)) Warn)) in this film, and Moran and Mirarti not those who they represented in the film)) are normal-normal)) so, if what you tell me)) I am now caught her face n that I'm smiling right now... didn't notice at first, but yeah)) I'm telling you all this and smile... the most peaceful and contented smile... in love)) I love you... I love you, my Mikey... I want you to live, sleep and be)) whole-whole...



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