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My love, they stole it once again, returned it back))

My sweet-sweet heart, I'm happy as a big-eared elephant, flying under a pink umbrella)) I found you a long such a Japanese thing, which, I hope, can be a good idea to relax)) a good detective you definitely now have enough in your role)) Is a real drama called Mozu or Predator... somewhere in its depths, perhaps in the role of the main villain ( or the third corpse on the right crouched Takeshi Kitano... the Plot is like this: Kuraki Naotake - superintendent of police, lost his beloved wife in a bomb blast by unknown. The detective Osugi and Akaboshi in the investigation of the case involving the security of the country, out on the trail of a mysterious killer nicknamed "the Predator". Upon further investigation it turns out that the trail of a Predator can also be seen in the case of an explosion that killed wife Kuraki... it Seems that the political detective, so there may be somewhere a lot of talk, but I was not looking, and I found it literally ten minutes ago, and so conclusions are not even on the reviews where just yet, but just the arches of rafts that are almost indistinguishable from each other)) and I want to say: it's just a great thing to watch these long winter evenings)) I'd love to dive with you into any winter evening with any of the Japanese-Korean drama)) In the worst case a movie, we would laugh)) that is, in fact, I'm counting on it)) your smile, if it is really impossible and to interested gaze, when they "knead" each other)) I think I would put myself to this test to at least know what tried to do to you)) I have in stock are the Shetland and father brown, who is left homeless on every some other, because your Lenka catastrophically do not have time to relax, and pricescanada to viewing able when it is much easier to sleep than to watch... Now it is quite seriously wanted to tell that I too love your jobs... This is some twisted logic or illogic inspiring, but I can't relate to this film, as a biography... and I think maybe I'm from Russia... And for me, the jobs that such a large and strange... something's too smart and too harmful... dull and self-assured... Read: a collection of the most unflattering human characteristics except the mind, although the other components of its character the presence of mind for me sounds like : "what a pity... would be a good person this mind – pictures it was not")) I'm trying to explain it and freaking out... well, why-why... because you like him and played... and was looking for some lines that would give you the understanding "of what still made our boys")) molded and sculpted his pieces from hand movements and gait, manner of speaking and the rhythm of speech... only this doesn't help)) for me is a tough guy with a drop dead attitude, acrid and are useful as ammonia, which he preferred to any other means of cleansing all my brilliant grandmother (which was in the peak of the jobs are not advanced technology)) if you knew how I understand it... all its intolerance, all its fury before the slow work of brains of colleagues and just randomly passing by... all boiling from the need to explain the truisms, which it would seem the baby in diapers would long since have been clear, I was this close... this is what I'm trying to keep in check constantly and unbearable... and yet explodes... and boils... and endless inside my "back off... back off..." because it is generated by the fire)) he ocotitlan and pleasant until I got to work with him)) but because I just look at him I'm willing to look at it again just so joyfully and with a smile... and with painful regret, that in life just happen quite simple things... we... we're ugly wasteful wasteful... you're the only jobs I wanted to see... glad to see... and you're a genius... the tenth... the hundredth... thousandth time I have said... I love you, Mikey... what a genius you are... and even more for just because... love you because...



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