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L ubimij moj, here told you this morning about a story, about whatever you want, even about your jacket on the set, and get rid of that thought could not)) there was a feeling, as if invited, but did not, so I don't like it... And I try never to start if you are not ready to continue)) Let it warm you now even stronger and closer, as if in napolilli my desire to feel warm all the time)) I'll leave some of our battles in the Witcher)) they are so funny today that I can't resist to a little bit not to tell... We will meet there a huge monster)) and if only it was possible to assume, that it caught us quite by accident, as the Griffin flies past that we "can't afford", and we do not touch it)) so, this spider really was we don't need, and didn't fit – too strong, but we still did and for absolutely no reason)) But I while there was a hot battle all the time thinking: "Why would you, an infection, Pimpernel need? What are you doing to him?")) in General, I say that now and laugh with pleasure)) so the succubus to kill such good music not wanted... it's just those who live next door to us... they are just different, and nobody never killed... I thought, we definitely want to be the first of this cohabitation, who kills his neighbor?.. and I thought not)) you don't mind... didn't have the heart to hurt again and again this rogachenko beauty with hooves)) here are the pieces happens)) I kiss you, l ubimij moj, I embrace you... I want to be with you right now... just content to sit in your lap, you grabbed me and pulled me close... I want you... so wonderful when you love... when you caress... so wonderful to belong to you body and soul... how you think boy hear me now?)) I wish I had))


Elena and Olga

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