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L'ubimij moj, I have missed you so much, glad that even a few minutes that we can be together... I kiss you and I want to make you happy with a piece of a quest in the Witcher about Morguard... remember that damn nun thing?.. If you managed to forget, then do not worry, I and itself when choosing the quests are not too sharply "joined", but when I realized that now that quest on lawlu, immediately decided to go back even Further... no matter what won't imply it... I want us to relive it so soon...

What you tell me?.. why I pity him... she can not understand... maybe because ugrasena paws... it is illogical and irrational, but in another way I did not succeed... the screeching halt came when I decided to feed him, realizing that nothing happens in any case, I went looking for something on the web on this quest, decided in whatever was to release him from the curse... Now, let's go further... do you understand, my sweetheart, it can be fed with his own flesh... to kill first to take his meat, and when he will appear again to feed him his own meat, but then he says that we betrayed him, for some reason I don't want to hear... once in my life I didn't have that someone, in principle, to promise important, and then to cheat or give up... that's Why I almost never tell anyone I don't promise anything... There is a second way, we are and go... I don't really understand... until we go there and then I tell you right in time mode... the Key is used... now we have to use the machine and I run like a blind kitten, a method of "tyk-tyk")) for some reason I'm worried how it will work... weird, maybe it has something to do with a story about hunger... with this fundamental inability to eat... if you know me, then you're bound to say, right?)) don't tell me I'm a freak)) I know))... we all found the diary... read... yeah... comments aren't needed... dude deserved to be punished even with brute force, which has, and still, give him his meat, we will not, right?)) to be continued))

Of course, I want to hope, beloved, that here is a way as today it will be truly alive... we'll go again, and you'll decide how and when you will be able to "turn on")) no matter, though in the morning, as long as you felt all of it "as now")) because now I kiss you... I wish you good luck and the mood is strong and deep to work... to pleasure... to warm... I love you so love... every minute I'm with you... your Lenka



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