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Can't talk to you right now)) how it all turns out great)) as soon As you told me that the first book Aztec, I immediately thought that was a great game, which was called Atlantis... the story I remember, but there was the part about the Aztecs... the most difficult was the riddle... And there I learned calmly to pronounce Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca)) she Seems to even now access to games at medium wind, it would be so cool to play it again now... What you know about my choice so I warmed)) Probably, I managed to say about Egypt a lot)) It fascinates me still... I love these masks of the gods, these sandals... in everything... So in the Apocalypse I caught every shot, I even thought that I'm trying to peek around the corner to see more)) I do love history including late Renaissance, next is worse... the movies about the Victorian era I love very much... it's like that all the time to admire the sneak on an old lovely lady, so your Jane Eyre just love, though with this film, I internally break it off with Judi Dench than she has me "strained", I did not understand, but I didn't go to look at it and all... but Edward eventually love it more and more... deeper understand and become attached to it as was not attached to that image even in childhood... now thought on the number you have taught me to look differently... or feel... I would even so it is stated "suggested the other corner")) it seems, that we once started our "talk")) came up with absolutely strange thought – you'd be the coolest mentor in the world... and it was the happiest students, what would you decide to teach literature, history, acting... like everything in the world arranged wrongly... teacher of literature does not need our works, our art teacher imagination on paper... you have to draw a sphere, cube, pyramid... in the essay must be a plan... how it kills everything...the thirst to know, the courage, the desire to be bold, confident in their abilities... +... dogmatism of knowledge is needed only for a certain period... the grammar of the language - Yes, I agree... but then give the child interesting texts that he was "stuffed" with them... I hated music school only because I wasn't giving with anything interesting to play... I hated etudes of Haydn, Kabalevsky, Tchaikovsky "Doll", "the sick Doll", "doll's Funeral" made me sad, and I was ill myself, because my imagination is impossible to play it... I really think you're a Renaissance man... and you a whole bunch have not tried... but all you do is fireworks - generous and bright... Oh... swing... carried away)) I love to talk to you)) I knew)) I always knew it can't be another way)) there will be Pater Brown))


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