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And that, l ubimij moj, while I'm in the mode of "reclining", all very nice)) this is when I get up and start walking and do it, I have an overwhelming desire to lie down again)) so, it seems that today I will limit myself)) and maybe I povesil so that you will keep me company for part of the day)) I badly want)) so I don't bother to Wake you for anything if you don't tell me: "Lena, Wake me up in so many..." and then kisses me)) then I definitely will do it)) I'm blissfully happy, Bouncing back next to you)) now I will give you all the quests in Black Desert)) I'm sorry, the whole first part takes place in pitch darkness, what it should be, and I heartily enjoy it, because ambient time in the game it's cool)) here, look, Zaiushik moj, musicians at night do not play, children on the stairs and don't sit people on the streets almost not visible at all... not every world gives such temporary exactly... Here's another Skyrim, Yes)) I missed you, I should go and start from the time where I haven't even begun to spoil the karma Desmond... but today we met at BD is a very interesting old lady, quests which seem to be even so curious, and lots of it... however, it is difficult to soak her personally on the wheel of the quests, you will have to collect the required information, and for a start I suggest just to perform its primary tasks in the surrounding villages, would you mind?)) let it slowly and flows into each other, filled with fierce battles in the dungeons)) once we sold the stove in the house (luxury same thing, and most importantly, we've produced themselves) kupili hold for one of the boats... will have to install it and see how it looks)) like this while having adventures, and then so nice to just lean back on the pillow and closed her eyes.... Then get up and cook oatmeal, brewing fresh tea, and take soldering all day, because the pill was too much, and need to repair themselves)) and I would like to bombard you with all sorts of different movies and anything else I can lay hands... That beginning let it be Harold Lloyd with him at last in Safety, and cartoon with Kiki of Montparnasse... and may it be quite simple so... whenever you want-not want in freestyle)) and we won't talk about views and ratings, just pokusam if you want... I remember now that when I watched the films with Lloyd before posomtrel one entirely, all the time wondering how this can be funny?.. But it turned out that it's quite easy... just want to laugh, and that laughter is the "in itself")) like Charlie Chaplin... he's kind and funny, which is not so often found)) rest and relax... I kiss your ears and under your hair... and ears... and neck, where the hairs begin to grow... I love you, my heart...



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