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Here's a tragic story that happened, my heart, and thanks to her, we were able to experience the dumb in the best of his species)) this is kawaii with big-eyed girls, whom it is better not to fall into the hands of, cute pussies, and certainly a heartbreaking tragedy... It can be about anything: killed a beautiful bride-wife, girlfriend, sister, but is always young, pure soul and beautiful, and another a t about the betrayal... I would have laughed at it, but only until I don't hear fans of the genre)) they have devoured me, Zaiushen'ka to pieces)) because for them it is very serious and it can be a little fruity and with elements of bdsm, and I'm glad that Tera was limited to pretty well-fed legs and panties, on which the story went in a completely normal, and panties here, as expected, for all girls and boys, and as much as and nothing more)) and I also really like the name of our hero popori Poesin, always reminds me of a poetic name your nephew)) I really was puzzled a little, when I realized that if we don't put last two minutes, we will go through this piece again and again)) but fortune smiled, and for this never to come back)) I like eyes always cling for the delicious details)) you still have not guessed?)) but I somehow think that you're somewhere very close or already know)) black Pegasus, which flies through the portal resurgent team"R..... I immediately thought, "wow! We have this will?.. I'd like to!))" Greedy greedy Helen)) but no, just me this adds a bit of excitement, after all the games never happens "free cheese in a mousetrap"... never at all)) I close my eyes and think of you... and I want in your hands right now... I want to feel you all... and even to sleep, perhaps lulled by your scent... but no, I promise to be cheerful, and start to do today... there is still a poster so amazing... beautiful... I turned it to 180%, and going to work on it in detail... but it's all so... in General)) go further with you somewhere?)) you come at any hour when you can and I'll try to think of something interesting so you can escape and relax, to me it always helps a)) jumped-jumped somewhere, and everything has changed... really wish you had these are the consequences of our campaigns "in strange places")) kiss you still... want... ears and neck from the side... and another kiss... shoulder and ankles, back)) that's what you did not expect... but I want)) I love you, my sweet... I love you...



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